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Choose a best balance bikes tips

Did you know: Humans first start riding bicycle on a balance bike called a walking machine with no pedals? So why don’t you teach kids to ride bicycle through the classic way that all humans used to follow and achieved great efficiency? You may think the best balance bike doesn’t exist. Since it seems impossible to find a product which is cheap, high quality and also super easy for a 2-year-old to handle. However, our reviews are all about helping you choose the most ideal bike that not only saves your cost but also gives your kids hours of fun!

For the sake of a good childhood for children, follow us now and choose the Best Balance Bike for your toddlers!

Top Rated Balance Bikes Available in the Market

You should STOP THINKING “you get what you pay for”. Sometimes it maybe true, however, it doesn’t mean the less expensive things are cheap and unsafe. I want to help you identify a few of the best, affordable models on the market to make sure that: there’s no need to break the bank to buy the best balance bike!

1. Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike  [Highly recommended]
2. Kazam Classic Balance Bike
3. Schwinn Balance Bike 12-inch
4. Mini Glider Balance Bike
5. YBike Balance Bike

Reviews of 5 Best Balance Bikes Reviews 2016

I hope that I’ve narrowed down to you all some key points you need to figure out to get the best bike for your child. You guys, do not hesitate to read on for my 5 Best Balance Bikes picks, and happy biking! (These balance bikes are very popular due to their proven level of quality, durability, overall safety and reasonable price.)

Favorite Customer - Strider 12“ Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

“We love inspring kids to ride” is the slogan of Strider Balance Bikes, and they do know well to convince customers through one of the phenomenon models: Strider 12″ Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Suitable for kids from 18 months to 2.5 years old and up , the Strider Sport bike is extremely versatile and meets the needs of kids at many ages and abilities.

strider balance bike

Best Features:

  • At 6.7 pounds, Strider 12″ Sport Balance Bike is very light enough for young and tiny riders to load into a car and for papas or mamas to carry during a walk.
  • This ultralight training bike has the handlebar that is 43% smaller than the Strider Classic. Moreover, the handlebar can be adjusted quickly and easily without any tools.
  • It has the lowest minimum seat height yet extends high enough for an older toddler; with the narrower handlebar, smaller grips and light-weight frame, tiny children can manipulate and maneuver the bike with little effort.

With the amazing complete-and-complex features, especially the lightweight, Strider 12″ Sport Balance Bike is bound to give your child years of enjoyment while helping them develop the confidence and balance to ride a two-wheeled pedal bike.

KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

kazam balance bike

Back in the day when kids in Europe were learning to ride bikes using balance bikes and nothing like this found in America, the KaZAM’s founders knew there would never be more perfect than that time to share an incredible concept about bikes without pedals that allowed children to develop their balance skill.

Best Features:

  • Most young riders from 3 to 5 years old found the KaZAM Classic comfortable to ride because its minium seat height of 14 inches gives toddlers the ability to handle it without any problems.
  • My favorite feature is certainly the footrest! Placing safely out of the path of a toddler’s stride, KaZAM’s footrest can convince other parents to give this bike a try.

KaZAM has been featured on NBC and the popular show “Shark Tank”, and is the winner of several awards including 2014 Platinum Award of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Top Fun Award Winner 2013 of Tillywig…Own it, play with it then you will know why “Not all balance bikes are created equal” 😉

Schwinn 12-inch Balance Bike

Not only does it have a famous company backing the product, but the Schwinn balance bike also offers plenty of great features! Just one click then you will see a bunch of good reviews about the unique foot to floor design of this balance bike. You know, one problem children often have with regular bikes is the handlebars are too far away. The difficulty of controlling and riding will lead to fall. As parents, we always want our little bikers to be safe!

schwinn balance bike

Best Features:

  • With Schwinn 12-inc Balance Bike, you can fully adjust the handlebars and seat to the perfect height to ensure your child will be able to handle it.
  • By the way, the price less than $80 is an important factor for you to consider. You will love watching your child ride it with confidence!

The Schwinn Balance Bike offers superior value and the foot-to-floor frame makes it become one of the best balance bike in town which ideally fits for toddlers to learn how to ride at the soonest possible time.

Mini Glider Balance Bike

Mini Glider Balance Bike

The Mini Glider is another balance bike that surprised me when it comes with sleeky looking! But it is not enough for any parents who want to provide their kids the best and easiest riding experience. With foot pegs placed wisely, Mini Glider helps the child get used to the feeling of having pedals on their bike. Thereby, young riders will have an easy time transitioning to the use of a pedal.

Best Features:

  • It offers an easy-to-use brake help slow the bike down and removable foot pegs provide better comfort.
  • You will discover this balance bike assembly to be simple and straightforward since it requires approximately 10 minutes or even less to set up.
  • Moreover, you can buy the Mini Glider within an affordable price from $80 – quite reasonable for a flagship 12″ model with plenty of benefits like this.

Training your kids how to balance correctly, helping them get energized and much more ready to handle a bigger bike size, the Mini Glider Balance Bike is truly one of the best balance bike for beginners. The good features of this model are more than enough to cover the high price.

YBike Balance Bike

Looks like a cool and badass toy motorcycle than a bicycle, YBike Balance Bike is probably the right choice for parents who are looking for the best balance bike having a less traditional design. However, many parents are puzzled by positive reviews YBike received as its complete lack of adjustability.

Ybike balance Bike

Best Features:

  • If you’re a bit skeptical about a plastic balance bike, then YBike will change your mind because of the impressive durability of the plastic!
  • YBike Balance Bike comes with a bigger front wheel and two rear wheels that provide better stability and safely riding.

The fixed seat may be a huge disadvantage of this bike which you should keep in mind before buying. Other than that YBike is definitely among the best balance bikes that will provide your little rider with hours of fun.

How to choose the best balance bike?

Riding a balance bike is probably not so hard. However, choosing the best balance bike can be difficult as your child might not have ever ridden before. You need to consider carefully before buying because no parents want their kids to feel unprepared for a whole new experience like that. Here are some tips to choose the best balance bikes:

Most 2 and a half year-olds are ready for a 12″ balance bike. Your child should be able to walk before riding this bike. You should read the age range of each product before choosing the best balance bike for your toddlers.

Size of a balance bike matters the most; otherwise, your kids may fall off the bike and get hurt and will never ride it again. Balance bikes vary greatly in size and 12-inch bikes are the best place to start for most kids. Remember: Don’t buy a balance bike for the future, buy it for the now because balance bikes are not one-size-fits all. You want to narrow things down a little bit? Check it out the Balance Bike Sizing Chart now!

Could you imagine how hard that would be for your child to maneuver around a bike which is more than half his/her own weight? Choosing a balance bike that is lightweight is also beneficial to you to carry everywhere – when the toddlers and preschoolers with indecisive nature suddenly don’t want to ride.

If you want your little ones to enjoy their bike riding for a long time, remember to be sure the frame of the bike is made of high quality materials.

  • Metal bikes are usually heavier, but their strength makes it more reliable. You must keep in mind that steel balance bikes are prone to rust especially in areas where the paint starts to chip off.
  • Wood bikes are environment friendly but you have to be careful with these bikes to avoid splintering which can be injurious for your child.

#5 – TIRES:
Balance bike tires can be Fat Boy, EVA Foam, Hard Plastic, Solid Rubber, Rubber Honeycomb and Standard Air (Pneumatic). 6 types each have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Want to know more about Balance Bike Tires? Click here.

The Best Balance Bike is usually one that has a customization which is in the form of adjustable handlebar and seat heights. As a mom, I think adjustable seat and handlebar make the bike is better investment because this will allow the bike to grow with your child, ensuring they can continue to ride the balance bike for a long time.

To me, brakes on balance bikes are not essential for toddlers below three as very young children will have a weak grip and not be able to apply it on time. However, around the age of 3.5, kids have enough hand/eye coordination to use a child-sized hand brake. It is a nice feature helping kids stop the bike effectively.

A real deal bike usually has warranty which lasts at least a couple of years. A good warranty policy is very essential if you want to hand the balance bike down to your child’s siblings.

#9 – PRICE: 
Balance bikes are an amazing training tools for young children to learn cycling these days, and the good news is that you can get the best balance bike without having to spend a fortune. The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid spending far more for a bike that you do not really need, and do not ever think you will have to settle just because of the cost.

#10 – REVIEWS: 
It is good to go through other parents’ reviews before buying a balance bike. They will be able to share their experience and tell you what will work and what should be avoided. There are many blogs, websites, forums for you to find useful advices. With all these things, you will be able to make a better choice when it comes to balance bikes.

Top 5 Benefits make Balance Bikes WORTH EVERY PENNY

Here are reasons why balance bikes do the job better than regular bikes with training wheels or tricycle:

1.They ease the fear of cycling: From my viewpoint, tricycle and bicycle with training wheels are just like toys that give our toddlers a false sense of balance and independance. To help your kids overcome fear of cycling, you should skip those bikes and opt for a balance bike.

2.They help teaching kids the hardest part of cycling – BALANCE: You guys may wonder why pushing by feet is a tremendous help for learning process. In fact, the hardest part about learning to ride is not pedaling, it is balancing. And kids will find the pedaling motion comes more naturally when they already have the “balance part” figured out.

3.They create active and confident young riders: Kid balance bikes are a great form of physical exercise as well as a source of socialization for your children. Because they can go out and play on their bikes with ease even if they are not ready for a regular bike

4.They are extremely lightweight: One of the best things I love about kid balance bikes is that they are extremely lightweight. Your kids can carry by themselves to any place they want and just start riding.

5.They are safer than their counterparts: At first, you might be like: “What? No pedal?”. But it obviously makes sense when you realized that with pedals in the way, your child’s legs will hurt by getting them caught in the pedals. Furthermore, imagine when the balance bike starts to tip over, kids will put their feet down instinctively to slow down and balance. This will redude greatly chances of falling. Balance bikes are definately the safely training tools for kids to control their own actions.

5 Rules to Learn Balance Bike EASY & FUN

Learning to ride a bicycle in particular and learning something new without fear in general are not as tough as you think, even with inexperienced parents. If your kids still have trouble starting to ride balance bike, then you may take a look at this infographic to ease the problems:

learn to balance bike and ride no tears

Frequently Asked Questions

A child of two and half years can start riding a balance bike. The sooner kids are taught, the better and quicker they can ride with confidence.

Yes. Many children as young as 18 months can ride a balance bike thanks to the perfect combination of: low seat height, adjustable handlebar, ultra lightweight and low center of gravity features. I highly recommend that you first see the Buying Guide before buying.

Best Balance Bike offers a great way for parents to teach and toddlers to learn. Don’t worry, you can follow my approach here to start teaching kids easier.

For the children’s safety, you should purchase a bike that fits them now, not one that they will grow into.

Step 1: Measure Your Child’s Inseam by having them stand in their stocking feet with shoes on, from floor to crotch. Measure the distance between the floor and their crotch.

Step 2: Match the inseam measured to the Balance Bike Sizing Chart right here.

Here are some features you should consider before purchasing a balance bike: Seat Height & Adjustability, Bike Weight, Frame Materials, Tires, Brakes. Besides, you shouldn’t skip these factors if you want your child to have the best balance bike >>> Check it out my detailed Buying Guide.

Maybe you would like the balance bike to be used for a long time. Follow these maintenance instruction to make the bike more durable as well as durable:

Keep the bike clean: This not only helps balance bike can be durable but also keeps your little ones from any allegies.
Store in a safe place: Even your product is weatherproof, you should store it inside in case it would become more susceptible to outside forces.
Make sure that you check all the parts for any rust or problems.
If you own a bike with aire – filled tires, remember to check the tires every week to make sure they are not deflating. Since underinflated tires can be dangerous for your bike.


With balance bikes, “riding can be again the number-one activity in a child’s life. Learning to ride and loving to ride is the gateway to a lifetime of riding…” – said Ryan McFarland, founder of Strider Bikes. That perfectly sum up the undeniably important role of balance bike. If you are in a dilemma about which is the best balance bike to purchase, I do hope this article will be beneficial.