5 rules to learn balance & ride easier


Of all the things that feel like childhood, bike riding is one of them. But to many people, learning to ride bicycle used to be bad memories as it involves fear of falling. How to make “bike learning” is truly one of the most epic milestones for both toddlers and parents? How to help youngsters start on balance bike to conquer the hardest parts of riding a bike (balancing) ?

Let’s find out the answer through 5 rules below:

The most important thing you need is a child who will learn to ride without hesitance! You should never force kids to do anything until they are ready, otherwise they may never want to try it. Be patient and encourage your child by giving them safe feelings about balance bike. Raise his/her confidence by easing fears of falling and getting hurt. Fit the child not only with a helmet but also with child-sized bicycle gloves, as well as elbow and knee pads. Once your toddler is assured that the balance bike will be under his/her own control the entire time, fears may subside and learning process maybe more easier. May some tips I mentioned HERE will be useful when your toddlers are afraid of learning to ride a new balance bike

Rule #2: Lowering the seat

Lowering the seat

This enables toddlers to learn balancing without the fear of falling because their feet are always ready to catch them.

Rule #3: Learn to ride on the right zone

If your child is afraid of falling, find a grassy field with a gentle downhill of 30 yards or so. Short grass is highly recommended as it doesn’t reduce momentum. Grass is soft, better to fall on but sometimes it’s too slippy, hindering forward progress. Empty tarmac (car park etc.) are another good choice which provide smooth surface to ride, but they are rather hard if kids fall off so consider some protective gear like knee and elbow pads.


Whichever surface you choose, make sure the wider the area the better and is free of obstacles. As movement makes balancing more easier, try to find a gentle slope if you can.

Rule #4: Let go of the balance bike

Holding onto your child’s bike the whole time hinders their natural ability to balance. You should be jogging round behind your toddlers without actually holding them at all. With 2 legs reaching comfortably on the ground, they can walk – balance – glide – steer and enjoy the fear free experience. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your little ones ride independently and in control without you having to put much effort.

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Rule #5: Be sure cycling/learning to ride is a joyful activity

Do not let the effort frustrates both the toddlers and the parents! Why not add some funny ideas to make bicycle training easier for you and your child. Moreover, indulging your kid in games that involve the bike will boost their confident, help kids concentrate efficiently.
When I was teaching my daughter to ride, I used some of the following games:
>>> Count to 10 and see if my girl can coast with feet up for the full 10 seconds.
>>> Set up activity cones in a pattern and have my daughter practice steering between them.
>>> Asking her to stop at a designated point to help her develop situational awareness.


If you have any cool ideas or games, do not hesitate to share with me, I highly appreciate that!.

Safe and Fun are always the things to focus when teaching kids to ride a balance bike or a typical bicycle without tears. Keep those rules in mind and your training will get better results.


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