“It’s time to take the training wheels off.”

This phrase used to be a milestone of childhood. But now, there are many parents choosing balance bikes, which has no pedals and only one brake designed for very young kids. Before you think this is some up-to-the-minute design created in the last decade to persuade pushy parents to pay more, you might want to take a look at the 1800s when the earliest bicycles were appeared. The forerunner of the modern bicycle, it was essentially a balance bike for grown-ups.

The 1st Bike in the world called "Running Machine" - You had to put foot to the ground to make it move ;)

The 1st Bike in the world called “Running Machine” – You can ride with at least one foot firmly on the ground 


Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s milestones that never be forgotten. But balancing between two rotating wheels for the first time is not easy and sometimes parents can find the teaching experience quite frustrating. As a single mom, I have to carry part of a father’s job and take care my angel alone, I personally do not want her to learn bad cycling habits at the early ages. I think stabilisers can give a fake sense of security and encourage the over-leaning that leads to the belief that kids can cycle as fast as they want. Also, I know that if my girl learns to ride with stabilisers, I still have to teach her to balance later on. So why not let her learns by herself a bit now? In fact, without stabilisers, once adept at riding the balance bike, children are more likely to understand the way of riding compared to those who utilize the normal bikes.


My baby girl got this balance bike on her 2nd birthday

My baby girl got this balance bike on her 2nd birthday ^^


In short, the younger children learn, the more confident and safer they will be. For the sake of children’s health, there is no reason not to invest in balance bikes because they are worth paying for. You can not only save the amount of time for teaching your children, but also reduce the risk of taking unexpected problems during the process.