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Your baby turns TWO? Congratulations, this is the great time to find the best balance bike for 2 year old kids and give them one of the most memorable moments in their life. Here are some of the developmental milestones a 2-year-old child could reach. These skills can have a significant impact on kid’s ability to ride a balance bike:

* Walks alone

* Begin to run

* Imitates behavior of parents and older children

* Stands on tiptoe

If your child enters his/her second year and owns all skills above, why not surprise him/her by a balance bike as the birthday present? You may think it is too soon to teach a kid how to ride a bike since traditional pedal bike is heavy to use at this age. In fact, kids at this age love mobility toys and are eager to learn. You need to nurture your toddler’s natural love of exporing and learning by giving him/her the best training tool. A balance bike with low center-of-gravity, low seat height and lightweight allows toddler to learn and love riding at the early years.

1/ Low seat height:

By 2 years, many toddlers either have short legs or weak legs (as bones are still somewhat soft). Hence, when finding the best balance bike for 2 year old new walkers, you should seriously consider to purchase a bike with one of the lower saddles, and seat heights start from 11″ to 12″. You will then need to make sure that the lowest seat height is around 1″ – 1.2″ lower than the inside length of the leg so that kids can get on and off the bike comfortably. Having a seat height and inner leg length the same will make toddlers is difficult for toddlers to learn balancing.

2/ Lightweight frame:

With most toddlers, the weight of the bike can affect them seriously! Imagine if and when they fall off the bike – which they might at the first attempt, a light bike won’t hurt them bad. Therefore, instead of being fearful about the idea of your little ones having injuries, you should purchase a balance bike which weigh no more than 30% of your child’s weight.

Strider Pro with the lightest weight is one of the best balance bike for 2 year old

Frame material is the core factor of every balance bike, playing a huge role in the bike’s weight. The majority of balance bikes are made from steel or aluminium because of the ultra light in weight it offers. Even the inexperienced toddlers, who haven’t ride a balance bike before, will find the steel bikes more easy to control independently.

Additionally, a wooden balance bike is absolutely the great choice if your toddler is less adventurous. Made from birch wood that is processed into plywood, those kinds of balance bikes are also light and strong (not as much as steel bikes). They have toy appeal as the frames come in different gorgeous colors. For this reason, your toddler may love a stylish wooden balance bike at first sight and be interested in learning to ride on it.

3/ Adjustable handlebar:

Many parents don’t think about how the handlebars affect the choice of the best balance bike for 2 year old toddlers. Are you among these people?

In fact, the adjustable handlebar will give kids a better control over the bike. The balance bike is fitted well when you see your toddler reach the handlebars comfortably. Besides, the handle covered in small sized grips is no less important to keep your kids’ hands safe!.

4/ Tires:

As I have mentioned before, there are 6 kinds of balance bike’s tires available. But you will find that the choice comes down to pneumatic (air) or EVA foam tires as each has its own advantages which beneficial for 2 year old toddlers.

EVA Foam Tires - Strider Bike

EVA Foam Tires – Strider Bike

The EVA foam tires are suited for young riders since they provide good traction and are half the weight of an air tire. Above all, EVA foam tires have the benefit of being puncture proof so you’ll never have to worry about risks of flat. However, they can loose traction on all-terrain surfaces so that your toddlers will be left to absorb much more of the impact when riding on rocky surfaces.


Air (pneumatic) tire - FirstBIKE "Big Apple"

Air (pneumatic) tire – FirstBIKE “Big Apple”

The “awesome looking” pneumatic (air) tires make balance bikes appear more like real bikes They provide a cushion and comfortable ride by softening the impact upon going down a curb, over a jump or on the bumpy surfaces. Two main disadvantages of Air tires is that they are heavier than EVA foam tires and prone to flat just like standard bikes. Undoubtedly, young beginners will do great on the EVA tires. You can progress to air tires when your little ones turn 3 and over.

5 Best Balance Bikes worth buying for 2 year old kids

You can name a variety of types of the best balance bike for 2 year old, but these models listed below are One-of-a-Kind:

5 Best Balance Bikes for toddlers

ImageModelSaddle HeightFeatures make it the best for 2 year old
0000744793_strider-12-classic-no-pedal-balance-bike-blue_400Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike11"-16”- The seat is one of the lowest on the market which fits inseams of 12 - 17"
- EVA foam tires never need air and offer a smooth ride
- Steel handlebar with soft urethane grips for fully protection. Using the included 5mm wrench you can adjust the handlebar from 18" to 22"
- Very light in weight: 6.7 pounds
1173fa9832a448c73380e8801093cd12Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike11"-16”- Unique steel handlebar is 43% smaller than standard. This helps toddlers with tiny hands control the bike easier.
- Keep using light EVA foam tires
- Handlebar with mini-grips allows quick adjustment from 18-22” without any tools
- The seat is designed specifically for beginning riders and their tiny hips. It is fully adjustable for 2 year old toddler fit perfectly
- Includes extra-long seatpost which allows you to genuinely extend the saddle height up to 20"
- Very light in weight: 6.7 pounds
pro (1)Strider 12 Pro Balance Bike11"-16”- Aluminum frame makes it the lightest balance bike available, just 4.9 pounds!
- The Strider Pro also includes a padded XL saddle and long seatpost to fit kids when they turn 3. It is so economical, right?
- Very easy to assemble with a quick clamp adjustable seat and handlebar height so no tools are required.
09pinkMini Glider Balance Bike12"-18"- Foot pegs for ease of riding and transition to a pedal bike with no trouble.
- Premium aluminum frame makes it durable and ensures the ultra lightweight
- Minimal assembly required.
- EVA foam tires are strong and there is no risk of punctures
diggin-pinkDiggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike13.5"-16.5"- Appealing design will catch your toddler's eyes at once
- Easy to assemble
- It is safe. There are no spokes or bolts which can hurt toddlers if they fall

Kids between 2 and 3 years old are grow very fast. Therefore, it might be wise to take a look at the best balance bike for kids ages 2 and up to the 3rd birthday.


By age 2, your toddler is getting really independent! Hence, it isn’t too soon to choose the best balance bike for your 2 year old kids at this time . Entering second year can be also his/her memorable milestone with the first amazing vehicle like balance bike 😉 Teach toddlers right, encourage and inspire them then you can be in awe of your brave little ones. However, the 2-year-old is still a baby in many ways so if he/she isn’t ready, be patient yet persistent and follow these tips to convince him/her to get into the new balance bike.


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