Forget Training Wheels: Bicycle learning much easier with Balance Bike


Yes, I know training wheels still have their adherents as many parents think that there’s no research showed training wheels are less effective than balance bikes.

It’s true.
But people who are on balance bike side believed that bicycle learning and the transition to a two-wheeled bike would be much easier when using balance bikes.

You're doing it wrong when teaching kids bicycles
Counting too much on training wheels will increase chances of falling

Personally, I admit that when it came time to take training wheels off and ride without the extra support, things got difficult and very scary. Hence, chances of falling usually happen and just one serious accident may scar them for life!

After kids get the hang of balancing on a balance bike, they’ve done the most difficult part first, with their feet comfortablely and safely on the ground.
In the Freedom From Training Wheels classes of The SF Bicycle Coalition, they saw time and time again that young riders who are able to ride independently within just one hour, while those used to ride with training wheels may take days to learn!

Impressive, right?! To explore more reasons why you should rethink training wheels and say “hello” to balance bikes, just look at the following infographic:

Say-NO-to-training-wheels-Infographic-1 copy


Balancing and pedaling skills come from different parts of the brain, so kids couldn’t work on both skills simultaneously. Your young riders will learn safer and faster when they work on one skill at a time. Learning to keep balance first sounds more logical than starting to ride bicycle by pedalling. The benefits of balance bike are so obvious! It’s better that your child learn balancing with a good balance bike, then add on pedaling instead of the other way around.


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