Top 3 amazing challenges for kids riding balance bike


Balance bike is the kid’s favorite sport till the current era. It has been introduced due to passion of kids for bikes. Kids are considered to be passionate about cycling when they are free in their time. The reason for this passion is graded to be their elder siblings. The elder siblings are usually considered to possess the mountain bikes. They plan the biking camps and also secure their savings to spend on their bikes as well as biking camps. The same spirit arises in the younger of the house and they start imagining the balance bike as their helicopter or a great tech car.

Practice with some simple challenges will be more fun

There are several challenges that the parents can give to their younger kids who are just starting to learn about the balance bikes. This write up would discuss those challenges in the top 3 manner so that the prioritization of the challenges can be addressed to parents to make their kids learn the balance bike.

With a balance bike, he can conquer the BMX world

The parents can have the balance bike of their kids attached by a belt frame with their body. The belt frames are usually found in the market at the expense of certain dollars. They assure the safety of the kid while learning the bikes. The body of the kids gets attached to your body via a belt. You can lift your kid whenever you would feel that the kid is going to fall. You can also provide the support to your kid if he needs a little bit of additional force for pushing the body as well as the balance bike.

The mountain up challenge is a simple challenge where the parents have a small slope and they ask their kid to get up on their balance bike and cross over that mountain slope. The kid learn the body balance as well gets an increase in the body stamina and also learn to ride the bike under the difficult conditions.

Mountain down Challenge

The mountain down challenge is another similar challenge where the parents ask the kid to get down via a slope path to the ground. The balance bike should have a brakes under this challenge. The brakes would also increase the road sense of the kid so that he can get to know when to apply the more force on brake and when to stop the balance bike via simple drag.

challenge 2

If your child can ride balance bike competently, brakes maybe not essential

Obstacles Challenge

Kids just enjoy riding in the obstacles. Allow the kids to play with their balance bike in the obstacles and it would be the happiest moment for the kids. Parents can put some simple or hard obstacles in the way of bike’s ride. The balance bike’s material should not be reactive to the presence of obstacles and the kid’s skin should also not be allergic to the obstacles around them as well.

Adding obstacles - Challenge accepted!

Adding obstacles – Challenge accepted!

The obstacle would provide high degree of intelligence thinking of the kid and the kid would think more about the obstacle solving. Kid would learn to bike under harsh and unexpected environmental conditions during this challenge.


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